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I have been passionate about medicine and health for as long as I can remember. I love helping people, love the science of discovery and love the hunt for the root cause.

I truly believe in the tenant “doctor as teacher,” and that each person has the innate ability to heal when given the right tools, support and guidance. I am dedicated to working with my patients to help them achieve their personal health and wellness goals.

Dr. Katherine Field >

I have extensive continuing education in the areas of prenatal care, pregnancy care, children's health, women's health and fertility. 

I also operate as a general practitioner and have a lot of experience treating stress and anxiety, digestive concerns, sleep concerns and hormonal imbalances. 

My Focus >

I choose to write this blog to share with you information on the latest research, health discoveries and my recipe adventures. Through this blog I hope to inspire you on your journey to whole health, clarify confusions you may have regarding health topics and provide you with delicious and nutritious recipe ideas.

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